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From now on, E-commerce media buzz is focused on Click-to-Call Technology with Internet search giants Google; testing various ways to enable immediate Web-to-Phone in real time connections between buyers and sellers through their local search ads. But what exactly is Click-to-Call and what does it mean to you, simply start with a quick primer on the technology. Click-to-call services let the users click a single button embedded in a Website, E-mail, ad banner and immediately let them speak with sales/support representatives.

Ways to join Webcall

The reality is that self-service cannot always be achieved online, particularly regarding complex purchasing decisions. For high-value transactions, there's nothing like the power of voice for closing the deal . Jupiter Research has found that when it comes to questions about billing and delivery, product support or service, and general order inquiries, most consumers prefer phone contact over any other alternative, including e-mail, self-service tools, and text chat.

Who we are

Robotel Telecom & Marketing team based in London specialized in the Web Real Time Communications to reach respondents for B2B throughout Europe. We are specialized in the WEB remote calling approach which means that a Website visitors or clients connect to sales operators systems remotely through our SECURE UK2 Data Center. Our clients are therefore maintaining overall control over the fieldwork operation including training, briefings, quality control, with complete visibility on fieldwork progress.

We have a deep understanding of the regional market-places, cultures and condition that impact on the way we conduct responses.

A dedicated Team of Managers and well trained native Speaker Operators warranty seamless communication all levels, and deliverables to the highest standards and quality requirements.

What we do

We make available to our clients a pool of native English, German, French, Italian, Indian, Russian, Serbian, Greek and Thai operators and those works from our network using our client's CDR platforms.

Our clients can actively take part in evaluation, training and most importantly live monitoring of interviewers who work on their projects.

The real advantage of this process is that we provide you full live monitoring access; QC can be conducted by your own quality team boosting real low cost fieldwork capabilities.

Your supervisors can listen live to the interviewers and interact with them by using Instant Messaging or vocally without being noticed by the respondents.

This allows you to be more cost competitive, expand your offering to the Asian market with a total visibility of fieldwork and real value for money

Our mission is to enable

Our customers reach worldwide market by utilizing our technology and their resources, maintaining quality control of the entire fieldwork and maximizing their margins.